Does Your Business Really Need A Website?

Taryn Hefner
2 min readSep 23, 2021


If you’re just starting out with running an alumni club, nonprofit, or trade association, or if the organization you run is a small, locally contained one, you might wonder why you even need a website in the first place. Let’s go over a few reasons why all organizations need a website!

Centralized Information

If there’s one thing members can’t stand, it’s getting conflicting information from different sources within an organization. Websites allow your information to be in one place and reduce the chance that your members will get conflicting reports.

Be Easily Found

The lifeblood of any organization is its membership. Of course, that includes a regular influx of new members as well! An organization can’t survive without new members, and a website is one of the best ways to ensure that prospective members can make their way to your organization through social media, search engines, or simply by a friend sending over the link!

Process Payments

Take some of the stress off of managing your organization and take your payments online. You won’t have to worry about who has paid and who hasn’t, whether or not you cashed their check, or what to do if they want to upgrade their membership tier. A website lets you do all of that — and more — without having to spend extra time doing administrative work.

Make Connections

An often overlooked part of having an organization website is giving members a place to connect with one another outside of in-person events or meetings. Websites with forums are a great way to help your members foster connections and help ensure they’ll stick around long-term!

Wrapping Up

Websites might seem like just another thing to do when you’re trying to get your organization off the ground, but they’re an essential part of your organization! Having a website for your nonprofit, alumni association, or professional trade group is a great way to reduce your administrative time, make sure members connect with each other, and encourage new members to join.

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