Member Databases: Information You Should Collect

Taryn Hefner
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With Join It, you can collect custom fields for information specific to your organization. While you should always have things like your members’ name and contact information, the possibilities are endless when it comes to our custom fields. Not sure what information you should gather? Here are some ideas!

Preferred Method of Contact

Of course, you’ll have a new member’s contact information. But it can also be helpful for members to be able to specify their preferred method of contact! If your members prefer to be contacted by SMS message, email, or phone call, you can be sure you always have the best and fastest way to get in touch.


Whether your new member was brought to your organization by a current member or heard about you through a website or local business, you want to know! You can then prioritize your marketing through the channels that have referred the most new members.

Bonus: Consider setting up a referral program! For each new member that a current member refers to your organization, give your current member 5% off their next month’s membership dues!

Zip Code

Even if you don’t need the mailing address from your members, collect zip codes so you can easily find the most accessible place for your in-person events.

Favorite Types of Events

On the subject of events, why not include a place for members to describe which kind of events they enjoy? That way, you’ll be more able to cater to what your members enjoy, rather than just making a relatively expensive shot in the dark.

Social Media Handles

Feel free to make this optional, especially if your organization isn’t made up of avid social media users. But if your organization functions mostly — or even entirely — online, encourage some social media activity by tagging a few members into conversations on your favorite channel! This is especially effective if you implement a “Member of the Month” system and give special shoutouts to your newest and oldest members.

Wrapping Up

While including the standard fields for typical information is nice, we think offering the ability to collect custom information really adds more flexibility to Join It. What sort of information do you collect from your members?

Looking for a membership management solution with some flexibility? Try Join It free for 14 days!

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